The company

The New Chlef Glassworks (NOVER) is a subsidiary company of the National Glasses and Abrasives Company (ENAVA) and it was founded more than ten years ago to meet the important national demand in pharmaceutical packing glass. This share company became therefore a favoured partner of the biggest Algerian pharmaceutical companies.

Located in the Chlef area, to the west of Algiers, NOVER is dedicated to manufacture glass bottles and pressed glass. It boasts a 5.000.000 DA capital and its major shareholders are: ENAVA (82.16%), SAIDAL (4.46%), ERCO (4.46%), ECDO (4.46%) and ENAB (4.46%). Its current output is estimated at 26.000 tons of glass per year.

Indeed, with installations meeting the international standards, modern and sophisticated facilities, quality control tools as well as a young, dynamic and qualified staff, NOVER has unrivalled assets which help the company be a leader in the field of bottle manufacturing in Algeria.